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Submissive Alpha

Submissive Alpha

She was a very dominant alpha. Their whole family was dominant but her will bent when they met. She was submissive and will willingly kneel in front of him. Serenity wondered why she became like that but it did not bother her instead she liked it. She liked being controlled and being under him. She also asked herself if she had turned masochist. That man was just too mysterious and she didn't even know his name except that he was called Mr. X by her grandfather. His life was very mysterious and kept well, and even small news was hard to come by. His smell intoxicated her, making her drunk with it. Mind was blurry and she only wanted to be in his arms. Black eyes and his deep voice was all she could remember that night. That night was also the starting of hell to her, her company was starting to go down and her health was also not good but she did not tell her Grandfather and her parents. She had believed that she could pass this without their help but her thoughts for the first time wasn't right.

xxTeukxx · Contemporary Romance
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