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Marvel: Multiversal Gourmet Restaurant

Marvel: Multiversal Gourmet Restaurant

WARNING: The beginning template of this story was from Dimensional restaurant in Marvel in MTL. I liked it enough that I want to make my own story about it. You can check it out, but the grammar is pretty horrendous. I am not copying it, I am taking it and making it my own by changing it. I hate people who Plagarize. , people I couldn’t help it. The idea of doing something like Gourmet food in another world has been gnawing my mind for months. Also I wanted to create a story about a overpowered chef in marvel. Hope you like it and I wanted to make it up to the people who wanted Free Supreme Nomad to continue. Hope you guys like it. Also the schedule will be kinda erratic. However I will make it so that there will be five chapters a week, it will be like if I miss one day, I will drop 2 chapters the next day. TEST FANF My Patreon Link, Please check it out https://www.p.atreon.com/user?u=40945542&fan_landing=true.

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