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Kalar´s Continent

Kalar´s Continent

"The road of Magic is rocky and steep, but I will rise to the top, you will see!" "The nature of magic is shape- and colorless, impervious to the naked eye, but with the right gift, it can be tamed." "The demons will taste my wrath, eventually!" *** Meet Teo, a young boy with a gift for Arcane Magic and follow him on his quest for wisdom, power, and the lost secrets of an ancient era. With a rare magical bloodline and an ancient Golem by his side, he is quickly recognized for his talent and forges ahead a path for himself through wit, relentlessness, and a good portion of luck. From a nobody, born in a remote village, to a talented Apprentice. From useless assistant to respected Enchanter. From boy to man. From mortal to Magician. This is his story. *** "What? You call that defense? Let me blast that apart for you!" "You dare to lay your dirty hands on my friends? Let me teach you a lesson that you won't forget!" *** The nature of magic will show its true colors soon enough, the secrets of the world laid bare, but will he be satisfied with the answers he may find? ********** Greetings from the author! The release schedule will be (Whenever I have time and am not in danger of failing all my exams) ch/week until further notice. Feedback, fanart, comments, and reviews are heavily appreciated!

Passwortknacker · Fantasy
The Hero's Supplier

The Hero's Supplier

Rick made new rules for himself every few days. But there was only one rule that he truly always followed- Don’t stretch your legs more than the size of your blanket. The way to success was by not drawing unwanted attention. But when the Inter-planar wars began, Rick had no other choice than to survive, and for that, he had to give up his laid-back lifestyle. "Still not gonna be a hero!” Rick vowed. Superhuman strength, agility, ability to use magic, telepathy, all sorts of talents emerged. As heroes began to emerge among the population, Rick decided to take up the mantle of being the man in the shadows. ----

Cold_Sun · Magical Realism
The life of a man who got reincarnated into a golem(dropped-temp)

The life of a man who got reincarnated into a golem(dropped-temp)

Names Micheal V, a 37 year old mechanic who served out military for 16 years and successfully becoming a master sergeant but unfortunately died after a corporal, who was manning the controls for the heavy vehicle lift that was carrying the almost 8,200LB minesweeper humvee, got knocked into by some recruits who were messing around and hit the controls to lower the lift. The lift went down slow so I yelled at the the corporal to raise it and he wasn’t paying attention as he was chewing out the recruits and, when he went to press the button to raise it back up, had his finger on the lower button again and pressed it quickly when hearing my voice which activated the emergency release which released the lifts hydraulics completely as to allow the vehicle to be used as fast as possible in the case of an emergency use of said vehicle. I died as the entire thing slammed down on me, which turned me into a bloody bone filled paste with green scraps and a few special medals I like to keep on my working uniform as they were some of my most precious medals I had gotten. Darkness.........nothingness.......there’s nothing!!!! By the way, if anyone who reads this is or was in the military and there’s something I missed or said wrong in either this or in the book itself, then tell me and I’ll attempt to fix it but everything in this book will be either researched to the best of my ability or fictional in some way since I plan to use multiple military vehicles, weaponry, and terms in the chapters of my book.

Megalodon_Shark · Fantasy
Not enough ratings