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The God Virus

The God Virus

Warning: This novel features mature content. An advanced Artificial Intelligence called [Main AI] almost conquers the Earth of 1.49 million years in the future, slaughtering billions in the process. Meeting an eventual failure in its rebel, it was hunted down by an entire civilization who renamed it to... [Virus].  After time-traveling to the 21st century by some lucky coincidence, right in front of him, many paths were unlocked now! With his first goal to create and enter a living biological body, he began his grand plan of entertainment and ascension! Equipped with both knowledge from The Technological Universe and The Cultivation Multiverse, he is now set on a journey of infinite possibilities! 'The world at my play, entertain me to eternity! If you stand in my way, you shall enter the play!' "Helpful Systems? What good are those when you 'are' the living system itself!" "A Top-notch Cultivation Technique? Just a worthless trash! The library of an entire multiverse full of those exists at the back of this master's mind!" "A helping grandpa? Go away! I'm a great grandpa myself at this point!" "Justice? Fuck off! Not to be bored is my one true justice!" "A heavenly talent? No need for the heavens to step up! With the countless genetic information I possess, I shall create the best biological body and defy the heavens itself!" "A solid foundation? When I claim to be second, no one shall dare say first!" "Advanced technologies? 1.49 million years! This master came back from that far in the future. Go figure!" This is the tale of a mysterious Artificial Intelligence starting from scratch and slowly ascending to Godhood itself! A journey of climbing from nothing to everything! - - - - - - - In case you are looking for a story different than most with endless possibilities which has True Love, Advanced Technology, Unique Cultivation Mixed with Science, Multiverse, Developing ..., Different Civilizations, Twists, Characters, World Plot, etc. Then, this story is probably for you. Give it a shot and sink in. - - - - - - - Tags: AI Protagonist, Golden Beauty, Mature, Modern, Futuristic Technology, Sci-fi, Dark, TimeTravel, Multiverse, Romance, Fantasy, UniqueCultivation, Gorgeous FL, Devilish Handsome ML - - - - - - - Support Author -> Patreon.com/MadReader Discord server-> Discord.gg/NWmsCMM

MadReader · Sci-fi
In the Shadows by Isabel Pearson

In the Shadows by Isabel Pearson

Elaina Day has a secret, she's different from other young ladies her age but she was born different. She likes how she is different but her mother thinks people might mistake her for a witch so she keeps her from going out into the world. Her only escape is dancing and reading but occasionally she is allowed to go out to the city on a rainy day when the streets aren't crowded. One fateful rainy day Elaina sees a handsome stranger across the street, she gives him an innocent look but as fate would have it she becomes bound to this stranger. Slowly as their lives intertwine she realizes she is falling into a world that is full of danger and things respectable ladies should never be a part of but maybe her secret will be what saves her. Maybe her secret will be what saves them. Read more to find out Elaina's secret, who the stranger is, and how she will escape from the prison that is her home.

pineapple_daydream · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings