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Seven Deadly Sins: REBIRTH.

Blurb: A girl,Silvia Rough, is a host for the seven most deadliest sins in the world. These demons come to haunt her with every century she has lived no matter what female form she reincarnated in. Sloth, envy, pride, wrath, lust, greed and gluttony; they search for her and take her soul for themselves. Each century she has lost the battle between she and them; with the battle, her memory of the century she has lived. But, she never forgets them and they make sure of it. A hundred years, after her last letter to hell; she finds a new love and it's not the seven cardinal sins. She reincarnates but is redeemed when being brought back to life. The sins no longer have charge over her soul so guess what? They are angry. Their anger makes them want to take form and be human in her relm. They have the determination to have back their first love but she has found the one that has loved her first. And he is not willing to let her go. Silvia Rough changes with every century and battles her dreaded sins failing each time. will she conquer her sins in this new age? who is her first love? who has loved her first? can the sins actually take form and become human; seven deadly humans? Journey with Silvia Rough as she threads upon serpents and scorpions, passing tthrough hell and learning each scar holds a price.

iveren_ivy_yuwa · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

My Truest Identity

"You're God's beloved!" That's how Princess's mom used to remind her. But how could she believe it nor accept the fact that she's beloved by God if one day she woke up her beloved mommy was already lying on the floor with her blood and was killed by her atheist dad? Will she hold on to those words? Or will she harbor hatred for God? Well, that horrific situation turned her to live a life far different from what she desired. A life without knowing God. It's a story of a lady, a prodigal daughter of God who struggled to find her truest identity by battling over all the dark forces dwelling inside of her.

Godsbeloved1012 · Teen
Not enough ratings

Bold Soul

"Love. What is love?" It's an emotion that demands to be felt by others. what we don't know is that it can do more damage than good in the world. The reference "follow your heart" is one that no one should follow. At least that's what Alina should have done. One moment. One decision led to love being her downfall.

Kayla_Smith_9261 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings