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Quietus Awakened

Quietus Awakened

During the First Age, When Titans and Gods Descended to Asteria, A Great War Shook it, And the Shadows of Chaos Stretched it's grasps to reap what was due. There Amidst the rupturing blood shed one stood, Deceived and tortured beyond comprehension by her brothers and sisters, Soul ablaze, Scarred from the betrayal of what was once promised, She gave no quarter nor mercy for she chose the path of perpetual torment. Here she found No peace neither A Shred of redemption for a terrible violence engulfed within, Blood boiling, Seeketh Vengeance as she Scourged the Plane of existence against those who had defiled her. Adorned by a Diadem of the Symbiote, She was to be Crowned the Queen of the Betrayer Gods, And those who had crossed against her plans, Befell from spite as their Existence would be silenced to the void, There all the abominations feared it, And those who had tasted her Wrath dared not to utter her name . . . For Hell hath no fury like a Woman Scorned. *** The whole edifice crackled, For a great evil has awakened within the tomb, There she was finally Removed from the shackles of eternal slumber, The Forbidden one whose name none dared to utter. As the Whole of all known races wouldn't be able to face her Spiteful reckoning, She Stood on top of the once Sealed Sarcophagus, In all her glory, Displaying her naked features to those who had freed her unintentionally. Her eyes traced them with interest, recollecting on the past on what manner of race she had encountered and created before. The silence was defining, the grave robbers become restless, for they feared that they have not known on what they have done. Through this the dazzling beautiful figure that gave an aura of death spoke. And with this their soul froze, body stiff from fear, as they regret ever coming down here, For their lives are now at stake as the powerful ancient said to them in a debauching tone. "Asterian . . . how delicious . . ." With out any form of Arsenals in their hands, The grave robbers could only scream in agonizing terror as the betrayed goddess lounges towards them at unimaginable acceleration. Forming a spider web of cracks on the Sarcophagus, Grabbing her first prey while they stood frozen in fear. As she took the Asterian Human by throat, she scanned them once again for they wore questionable clothing that was not reminiscent of her time. But that did hinder her disposition, As she smelled the fear of her prey by hands grasp. Urine and feces wafted her nasal cavities making her grunt in disgust and dissatisfaction. complaining with no choice. "Ughhh Disgusting Mortal you shan't have blessed me with such display of degenerating cowardice and relieving excrement for your maker has been starved with eons of hunger . . . But Tis shall maketh do." With this she clawed the poor man on his throat and took the lifeout of him by his spine, Ripping it from his wordly vessel, Blood gushed around the air, spilling itself on the floor, As she held his spine and presented it to onlookers that stood glued. Only to be left with the sight of their fellow to be greatly dismembered by a crazed cannibal, With his body on one hand and a lengthened bone on the other. While this went on, the lifeless body contracted into a pile of flesh as it was seen being eaten . . . no absorbed by this inhuman foe that stood upon them. It disappeared from her clutches as if it, he had not existed in the first place, The onlookers went on and skedaddled when they realised on what had become of one of them, Fleeing for their worthless lives. "Who's next" the figure spoke. *** She was betrayed by her lover with the reason of not being good enough was imprisoned in her own grave, out of spite she vowed that she would avenge herself like all other titans. And as she Awakens what will she do to all their creations left for her to play with . . . *** I do not own the image.

Mordanis · Fantasy Romance
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