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The Battle Worlds

Program booting up... Program boot up successful... Detecting Current User... Detection unsuccessful Contacting Admin... Contact successful Starting “Selection Protocol 81.2-ALPHA” Selecting random Base Reality... Base Reality-162182 selected Selecting random Solar System... Solar System-878 selected Selecting random World... World-4056 selected Selecting random Alternate Reality Alternate Reality-056 selected Category:World of Science Designation:Modern Earth-005 Booting up “Candidate Filtration Program” Boot up successful Selecting random ranking attribute Attribute designation “LUCK” selected Detecting total Candidates 7,851,691,111 Candidates detected Detecting Beta Candidates... 1,000,000,000 Beta Candidates detected Detecting Alpha Candidates... 1,000,000 Alpha Candidates detected Detecting Beta Prime Candidates... 1,000 Beta Prime Candidates detected Detecting Alpha Prime Candidates... 100 Alpha Prime Candidates detected Detecting True Prime Candidates... 10 True Prime Candidates detected Detecting Primal Candidate 1 Primal Candidate detected Total Beta+ Candidates detected:1,001,001,111 Notifying Admin of Primal Candidate designated “Jacob Smith”... Admin notified Continuing program Sending Worldwide Preparation Message... Message sent “Now let’s start the games, shall we.” ======================================= First novel so it may not be up to par with the synopsis and put comments under constructive criticism, unconstructive criticism(criticism that isn’t actually helping whether the commenter thinks the novel is good or bad), praise, or hate by writing, “Category:(one of the four listed),” press the return(mobile) or enter(computers) button and then type your comment please and thank you.

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