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Rise of The Kingdom Garthea

Waking to find that you have just been crowned king of a failing kingdom was something Dube didn't think would ever happen to him. Well, at least he has a system...

AllMightySpeed · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Mania Playground

Coeus Mai died at the age of 37, she was killed by a truck right after she robbed a jewelry store, apparently, while she was fleeing from the police she accidentally pushed away a little boy that was crossing the road who was suppose to die in her place instead. The God Komos mistake this as an act of bravery and gave her a second chance at life, she was to be reborn as Mania Laxus in the same world and will live a comfortable life as the daughter of wealthy parents. When she reincarnated back into the world the first thing that she realizes was ...... she still has her past memory, did the dumb God forgot to erase her memory? 8 year has passed since her rebirth, Mania enjoy her luxurious lifestyle to the point that she began to get bored of everything, just as she was wondering what to do for the day, a loud crash was heard and the last thing she saw was a plane crashing into the living room. Once again Mania arrived at the realm of god and in front of her is a familiar face from her past life. The moment she knew it's the same God Komos, she thought to herself "It's time to have thing goes my own way".

ZesshiL · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings