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The Evernon Saga (Restarted under the same name)

The Evernon Saga (Restarted under the same name)

This version of the book is discontinued, and is going to be reincarnated under the same name once the author gets his shit together.

ScholarlyDaoist · Fantasy
Xuanhuan Tales

Xuanhuan Tales

[Coming Soon] Join me on discord: https://discord.gg/k7AnccE

Primate · Fantasy
New Pantheon

New Pantheon

The World of Ketting has been forsaken by the Old Pantheon. One thousand years later, the last remaining High Priestess renounces the Old Pantheon, and ushers in the era of the New Pantheon. Pantheon, a Mobile App on Earth - each player assumes the title of a Divinity and aims to take their place on one of the thrones of the New Pantheon. Faith, prayers and sacrifice - those are the building blocks of your divinity.

PeanutButterJuice · Fantasy
Not enough ratings