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Fate Play

Forbidden by fate, Former Master of Universe Dong Hai and Princess of Butterfly fairy Bai Hong Liu fall in love, but fate doesn't like to defy with. Will the trials stretch through a lifetime will break them apart or it will make fate Bow to them. Fate Play Vol 1: Wall of Destiny. One glance all that took for Bai Hong Liu to fall for the most powerful man in the Universe, little did she knew their fate ties were served a long time ago even before she was born. Thrown into the trial while the threat of Ghost Emperor over the universe she got the chance to love the man she always wanted but at a hefty price, She has got just three years and then she has to break his heart, would she take it? Fate Play Vol: 2 Twist of Fate Three hundred years later, Now Queen Bai Hong Liu had returned to Nine Heavens, where she left her heart all those years ago for her Beloved Aunts Wedding and she had all the intention to stay away from certain silver-haired diety and his stone eyes that threaten to pierce her soul. She already gives up everything for him, she had lost in hopes that she could change their fate but what she could if the ancient deity refuses to fight for them but little did she know, the Former Master of the Universe have to trick up his sleeves and he has no plan of letting her go. The ties of their fate are revealed and torn open. Leaving Equally satisfying and Heartbreaking Conclusion of their twisted fate. A forbidden love story like any other..... For pictures and to get a sneak peek of the new release chapters in advance tune to follow my blog www. amycullenwrites. space Disclaimer: I don't own the pictures on the cover, but I edit them to show the theme of my novel. The credit goes to the original owner.

amy2097 · Fantasy Romance

The Priestess of Rodona

A world where the gods ruled human lives. The highest form of existence that was worshipped in all possible way. The more humans sing praises or offer prayers and the more these gods became supreme. In return, gods bless humans with protection, power, prosperity, and life. However, some gods were forgotten completely, causing their very existence to also vanish from the world. All their statues, city and temples were washed away by time, abandoned by their once loyal believers. The struggle to continue existing begin even for gods and wars between them started. Goal? To rule the world and all its living humans. So what can humans get when they followed a god that could win the war in the end? Immortality. Even kings or queen desired a never-ending life, allowing even the church to rule above them because of it. But this story is about a girl who received a holy command and started to travel and spread her own goddess name. A goddess that blesses death... If you want to join the discord server here is the link. https://discord.gg/zZnJu2J My ko-fi page ko-fi.com/the_cheshire-_cat

The_Cheshire_Cat · Fantasy Romance

My Future Husband is Inhuman!

Four years after an ex-national swimmer diagnosed with a lung diasease, Liu Huayu was finally able to live a normal life, earn a decent money from a casual work. But then, a mysterious handsomely male appeared in front of her house, claiming to be... Her husband?! To add up, he even brought his little devil, a.k.a his son with Huayu's! "Wife, you still haven't changed since then." "Hell. Who are you calling your wife?!" *** "You... your heart, it aches, doesn't it?" For an instant, she almost forgot breathing. Wait, how did he know? They just met, she couldn't possibly have told him those details that after that drowning incident, that her chest occasionally hurt ever since. "No," she answered, looking away from his eyes, afraid that he might see through her flaws. He sighed, looking dissatisfied. She could almost hear him muttering "you're lying again" under his breath. He let out a slow, deep exhale. "I know the way to cure you." "Jie Moshu, you—" "I can help you, but under one condition," he said politely, but his eyes showed reluctance for his words. Once again his eyes glimmered with crimson red. "Our son and I will live with you. That is the only condition." Who would've known series of adventure and danger were awaiting her, after the fateful—or intentional meeting with her future husband. ---------------- For more visuals and events info follow ig: @nc_books Novel chat discussion: https://discord.gg/PZecdEmKUE *Disclaimer: the cover is not purely mine, so if there's any owner of the picture or any novel with same cover, please contact me for discussion :) *All characters and places are fictions

Nattychris_22 · Fantasy Romance

ITUW -Duplicate- Please search for the official book.

Growing up from a wide and remote area in the south-east of the Kingdom, Twig — a 13-year-old boy whose primary task is to collect firewood from the forests, learned a tale about a recently found cave in the middle of the forest that is motivated to explore. Upon arriving near the entrance to the cave, he was drawn by a mysterious force and miraculously survived the incident that led him to a beautiful, perilous, and dangerous hidden world .Little did he know that this is where he 'd learn magic, and as a side benefit, he 'd established a pact with a supernatural companion who'd let him conquer the domain. Shocked yet excited, little Twig returned to his normal life, where everything had changed. To his disbelief, he found that nothing in the past seemed to be the same thing as it was. People grow up surprisingly fast, and he's still a little kid. He wanted to leave and search for the rest of his immediate family, but would that be all? Will he overcome all that has been learned and realize that his universe is indeed powered by magic?

Einvee · Fantasy

rebellion against gods

In the busy streets of modern day Tokyo, a young man strolled along with his friends. His face, his mask, always smiling, yet his heart was empty . No one knew him, yet his name would be passed down throughout generations as the entity who swallowed the world. The world before event or in later years that which will be called the "apocalypse", was the same as ours. One where no magic existed and all beings were limited by the laws of the world. The impossible was made possible by technology. In such a world, the gods decided to "strengthen humanity" and hence opening Earth to the other realms. The system, the creation of the heavens. The system was meant to govern the worlds, to guide its habitants and be a tool to kill those who posed danger to the heavens. It's rules were absolute to all the realms under the heavens. The heavens a realm filled with immortals and gods, that existed to govern the laws they commanded. These gods had the responsibility to also govern the lower worlds. However one can say that the heavens were not absolute but were one of the primordial realms that existed since the birth of this universe. Apart from the heavens there exists nine other realms that were its equal. And with this information the system initiated.......

holymee · Fantasy
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Need to be deleted

Professor Dimitrios Marshall, 30 years old, one of the youngest and world-renowned historian and archeologist of Antiquity and Mythology was returning home when a bolt of lightning fell upon him. As an apology, God decided to reincarnate him and so he became Paris, Prince of Troy. I won't be uploading often because I'm doing this story in my free time.

Artimer · Magical Realism
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~ Twisted Fate ~

Twins_Tells_Tails · LGBT+
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