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What happens when an alien bro & a timid roommate go together in a world of SMG4? Well, let's find out. Warning: May feature a crossover if necessary...

Daoist9PYpCP · others
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Mitch x Scarlett

You are the world wide champion of the world known as GIitchGirl45, the unbeatable champion. You are a huge role model to young and old gamers out there in the world who watch your tweeker feed and tutorial videos helping gamers to either level up or complete a huge unbeatable boss. You have a twin known as Simon Devon Rose you both look similar but he’s more tan than you since you caught your mother’s genes making you a albino since both parents are supposably black. Your mother was the only one in the family to be the first albino therefore passing it onto you with some other features you yet have to find out.

Mitch_williams · Video Games
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