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Kemisetso Tlou is one hell of a loyal friend who doesn't mind going out of her way to help her best friends, Nago and Leilana. Even if it means gatecrashing the house party of Declan, Nago's crush, who lives in the same estate as Kemi. With her family overseas and having the house to herself, Kemi invites one of her best friends over, Nago, since Leilana is still on vacation with her family. With Declan's house party drawing close, Kemi comes with a plan to gate crash the party. All goes as planned until Leilana comes unannounced and late. Kemi has sworn off boys for the rest of her high school and future university days but Leilana and Nago haven't. But that is until Kemi meets someone that just might change her mind.

DaoistJThq7x ยท Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings