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Herald (The blessed and the cursed book one) an Aletta Cologne novel.

"Beware, oh Light. For when your Herald falls, so begin the drums of war." World eating beasts, gods that are supposed to be gone, an evil sect of the powerful elite planning from the shadows, A dead Herald of light and Heralds that cannot sing anymore. Wierd new Krystals that are killing people. Yup, The Empire is a drum of fuel soaked shtak waiting for one little match, and I just might be it. My name is Aletta Cologne, and yesterday if I was asked to introduce myself I would've said; bounty hunter by day, bounty hunter by night. Antiquities dealer every weekend, Scholastic Historian when I've got the time. The only thing cool about my life is the fact that I am best friends with a Herald. Heralds are the glue that holds The Iragan Empire together. Ordained by the Great Mother herself to sing her prophecies and make life so much easier for the rest of us. That all changes when my mother; THE Herald of Light, is murdered, and the heralds begin to lose their mana, fulfilling a three-thousand-year-old prophecy. The Nazgul are world eating creatures of the dark that have been locked out of this dimension for thousands of years. They have never stopped searching for a point of entry. Without the Herald of light, we are the weakest there is. If we do not find my mother's killer, then her soul cannot anoint the new Herald. Without the Herald of Light to keep the Velos gate closed the Nazgul will come through and consume our existence. Oh, and there is a shadowy sect of the Elite plotting to rip power from the heralds. I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning.

Gailen ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings