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Oh My Ghost! Webtoon Adaptation

Oh My Ghost! Webtoon Adaptation

Has anyone ever heard of a ghost who is afraid of scary things? Darkness, horror movies, GHOSTS, etc? One who also LOVES to eat sweets? Yes, that's right, ghosts can eat. Logic doesn't belong in this series! Join us, reader, as we explore the wonderful life of a charismatic and misunderstood young ghost and her various quirky adventures! Don't have a fright, ghoulish delights will guide you through the night! Please check out ghostmaya's original Webtoon! Paraphrased from the creator of the Webtoon herself and woven into an elaborate reinterpretation of her own developing series Oh My Ghost, this project is the brainchild of an idea and the pen that first transferred it to the paper.

FluxMagnetism · Fantasy Romance
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