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A Ghoster's Ghost Adventure

A Ghoster's Ghost Adventure

"Where are we?" "We're in the Underworld" "The What!?" The story dwells at the life of Reu Soshite, a former top-notched student in Sui High at Tokyo,Japan. Well, being an exchanged student from the Philippines makes things complicated for him to adjust at the start, but in just a couple of months, he manage to build a name for himself things went well... But not for long A "Ghoster", he was killed for being that someone who fades away from a relationship in an instant and on the unexpected moments Now, he is sent in the Underworld, to enter a military school, a school of magic combat Granted with the Power to Manipulate Time, a power with Divine Judgment, will Soshite build a new name for himself?Or So Much More?

Koeda_Shiroi · Fantasy
Not enough ratings