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Ghost Rider: The Ghost & The Rose (Ghost Rider X Ruby Rose)

(Rated R18+: Strong Course Language, Sex Scenes, Action, Horror Themes & Supernatural Themes) (Disclaimer I know Ghost Rider isn't in RWBY. But that's why its called a fan-fiction, so we could see what would happen if the Ghost Rider was in the series.) This is the story of Robbie Blaze the ghost rider. Okay let's make this simple for you all, Robbie is the son of the previous Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze. Robbies father goes missing after protecting him at a young age after Blackheart tried to get his hands on him while he was still little. But Robbies mother Mia brought him to one of her most trusted friends Summer, Tia & Qrow. All three had to take up the burden of taking care of him. Years later Robbie is 8 years old and starts to learn how to use his Semblance which is fire, but along the lines he learns that fire isn't his real power. That it's just a fragment to his power, the power and curse of the Ghost Rider.

Joseph_Kokai ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings