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Medieval Terror

[Trickle! Trickle!] Blood… Pure unfiltered blood. Thick wetness of inhumane variety was drowning the contours of my defiled countenance with crimson slick. My warrior’s mien was brutally decorated with the vile viscera and entrails of the dead. Scattered all around me was a large pile of corpses floating in the bloodthirsty puddle of the afterlife. Accompanying my rest within this detestable domain was a rapacious array of lord Beelzebub’s kin. A swarm of black motile embodiment capable of aerial drifts made my bloody appearance barely visible. [Buzz! Buzz!] I was dead yet living, I could travel between the broken realms of existence and meddle with the vengeful souls. Such was possible by virtue of my life that had succumbed to the Lure of Enigma. The bizarre events that unfolded which brought me to this destitute phase of utter dysphoria was a mixture of tales that will leave a distasteful flavour of doleful buds on your tongue. If you wish to know more about my apocalyptic journey then feel free to turn the pages of my undying path. However, I must warn you, inquisitive readers. My legendary tale might cause your weak constitution to become cripple, hence read at your own peril. (Link to Discord) https://discord.gg/XqY4JAfhcd (Author’s Notes)You can offer your support for Mia Aim’s creativity if you visit the following links below. I’m currently in the process of working on my new LitRPG-Fantasy novel, Word Fu! The latest chapters are published on Patreon along with character artwork. Please offer your support. https://www.patreon.com/MiaAim_Creative_Force https://ko-fi.com/miaaim https://www.amazon.com/author/miaaim https://www.amazon.com/author/manga-god

Mia_Aim_1621 · Horror&Thriller
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