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Revenge Of The Thorn Rose

"Do you really want me dead?" Her melodious voice crashed against the cold air like a cello in a quiet night. Many knew her as Ruan Roseanne, the sickly eldest daughter of the old century Ruan family. She knew herself as her mother's masterpiece. And he thought she was a pure demon disguised as a fallen angel. However, nobody knew she had long hit the rock bottom, her thorns had pierced her heart. Her demons had conquered her sanity. She was terminally ill, and nobody really cared. Her brother was in a coma, they locked her mother in a psych ward. Her indifferent father was spoiling his new wife and illegitimate son. Why did she live for? Perhaps for her anger and revenge? Because her mother wanted her to avenge her? Or Maybe because she grew up to be Ruan's retribution? Yet, she knew she wanted to destroy it all before she dies. [Cut Scene] "I don't need a man to fight my war, "she whispered to his ear while brushing his perfectly combed hair. "Roseanne, please don't--" He hugged her tightly, caging her in his arms like a little child, afraid his favorite person would disappear when he was not paying attention. Then, the blonde woman slightly curved her lips: "If I disappear, would you look for me?" But she did not wait for his answer and cruelly ended something it should have never started. "I am going to die anyway, why should I care?" And so he froze while she long escaped from his embrace and bypass him.

Nikkie_LZ ยท Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings