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Modern Day Psyche

Modern Day Psyche

He is a multi-billionaire; but so is she. They were childhood friends before a series of sentimental events tore them apart. Years later, they are both standing at the top of the business industry but there's a special reason why their empires have never coincided in the same plain until one great opportunity. "I guess that's to be expected for geniuses like you. With that soaring IQ of yours, peaking at 200, my 183 is surely a small number. But there's nothing to worry about. My emotional quotient can surely fill in the gap." She once told him. No one knew about her life's greatest aspiration—to live on the top of a secluded mountain, alone for the rest of her life. Unfettered by romance or other worldly matters. And no one knew about his—to be with her for the rest of his life no matter the consequences. With their conflicting intentions and headstrong personalities, who will need to sacrifice what—between love and dreams? [SPOILER ALERT!!!] “Librovien University..." He started. With this intro, he was able to grab our full attention. And we had to shift on our seats as we listened in anticipation. "A University for Geniuses. The only school to ever be under the protection of so many countries. Its location is still unknown up to this date but it's said to be heavily guarded— not even charted in maps. Only 15 facilities in the world are off the maps and Librovien University is the one with the highest restriction when it comes to information." "In the school are children from all over the world with different nationalities. But as you all enter that school, you are all stripped off of your national identities. Powerful countries see you as national treasures and national threats at the same time. Your intelligence are deemed capable of bringing peace or chaos and even bring this world to its destruction." Join the greatest love chase between the two leads as they both chase around different troubles.

ZJJung · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings