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This pathetic ant, wants to overturn the heavens

This pathetic ant, wants to overturn the heavens

Ryo, the 14 Year old genius is now better than his grandmaster and started his journey to become even better than everyone else in everything, or so Ryo would like this story to go. Instead Ryo is a 14 Year old loser, he got thrown out by his parents. at the age of one and got accepted as the only disciple of a grandmaster blacksmith called Bruce. Ryo unfortunately died while trying to find materials for his Master to create some special Item. Ryo is also a failure of a disciple. He has a the Infamous F-grade talent in the art of Blacksmithing! After Ryo died, Bruce finished the special Item and bound it to Ryo’s dying Soul, so that Ryo can become something... at least in his next life. Little did Bruce know, that Ryo was reborn into an ant, but not just any ant, the lowly Suicidant species, the most useless out of all weak ant species. How will Ryo get out of his predicament of being an ant? Will Ryo become a Grandmaster in Blacksmithing, like Bruce always wanted him to be or will he choose a new path, more suited towards himself? A path worthy of an ant emperor, will he be the new Antgustus of his own little Rome? Or will he be just some road side ant, which one will step and and just not notice? Find out all this and much more, in the next episode of Dragon ba- cough my bad cough wrong series.

FalsifiedKing · Fantasy
Not enough ratings