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Strong pampering: e-sports male god is a girl

She is just a street magician, but because of her extremely fast hand speed, she was selected into the popular e-sports HY team. Since then, she pretends to be a man and enters the boys' school, facing the temptation of all kinds of beautiful men, she is unwavering! Until later, she actually forced these male gods to bend... ************ Author's Note: Updates schedule: 1 chapter daily or maybe more, depends on the comments, reviews and votes? ٩(●ᴗ●)۶ Notice: This novel is NOT an original work but a Translation. All credits go to the original Chinese author. All novels are translated using machine-based (MTL) I’m not a English or Chinese native. Beware of my grammatical errors, wrong spellings, weird phrases, etc. Please bear with me and let me try this novel translation journey

Eva_999 · Fantasy Romance
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