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Ball of Nothing

I started off as nothing, just a mass of consciousness that slowly evolved. Just your average overpowered existence hungry for a multiverse adventure. Demons? They are my friends. Monsters? They are delicacies. Heroes? Not even equal to the dirt on my boots. Royalty? Money Machi- Ahem, a pleasure doing business. Immortals and Gods? Share with me the latest gossips! With power comes responsibility, but I'm just a ball... or am I just a ball? Watch as I regain my memories and beat up my past self. Note: No common sense in the story. Highly controversial. This is a contracted work, expect to unlock chapters. Season 1's standards differ greatly. Drama seekers, toxic bitches and overly-sensitive folks who cannot chillax not welcomed. Author also has indemnity to typo, grammar mistakes and English bugs throughout the story. You have been warned. Proceed with caution and enjoy. *** Special chapter release on other milestones, check out my discord and patreon for more details, thank you for the support! Note: Author needs to earn USD1,500 every month by the end of 2020 stably so that they can continue writing full-time. If you can afford it, please show your support. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/destinyaitsuji Kofi: Ko-fi.com/destinyaitsuji Discord: https://discord.gg/UrtDMXn

Destiny_Aitsuji · Fantasy

Not Your Average Alpha

You’re an Alpha, but you don’t act like one. It causes more trouble than you think.

RllyTrd · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

To love the Heartless (re-write)

(note: This is the re-write of my original book. I didn't like where it was heading and thought that it needed some more work, so I started completely fresh. I couldn't just ditch the idea of the book because I spent just about two years writing it.) ↓↓↓↓↓synopsis↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Lucyndth doesn't know who he is or where he's from. He might as well be a child if you count the fact that he has trouble speaking. Washing up ashore doesn't really help his case either. This novel is about Lucyndth, seventeen, who meets a demon that promises to help him re-cover his memories for a price far greater than any sum of money. After spending some time together they both start to realise that they aren't who they say they are. The demon, Xinyung, feeling that he might've met this stranger before after seeing the mysterious tattoo on Lucyndth's arm. Will they grow together over time or will they lose trust in each other after learning each others secrets? Read to find out. (Note) -This supports LGBTQ+ and if you're not comfortable with that, this isnt' the book for you. -Also if you want to read the original, it's still posted. But I'd advise to just read this one for less confusion -This contains some....scenes. Gore, profanity, other...things *cough* *cough* so you've been warned -I haven't been in contact with my old editor for some months now, but I'll be getting one in a couple of weeks. This part will be deleted once I have gotten one. If you see any mistakes please let me know. -I used to get fan art while writing the other book. If anyone wants to send that they can send it to KingmojidoriOfficial@gmail.com and it will be posted on my instagram. I'll also be making a new instagram acount for this version of the book. -I am 100% open to feed back and will be more than happy to take it. -thank you for reading and enjoy!❤❤❤❤

kingmojidori · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings