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Reborn in RWBY with wishes and a punishment

Kyle_Webster_1680 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Everyday life as a super computer ai

A 17 year old teenager called Jack who lived alone in a studio apparent was depressed as during his life one unfortunate event after another his mother passed away during childbirth and his farther always blamed him for it he made him work and beat him on the slightest inconvenience to him which lead to him always being sick with something and he was still expected to work after he was old enough and had saved up enough money for a onother place to stay which wasn't easy he left and on one day he was going to the bank to deposit his money from his job when six robbers comes in and say " everybody get to the ground" he just snatched the pistol from his hand then proceeded to shoot all the other robbers and said "thanks this will make things easier" and shoots himself in the head he decends into an embracing darkness for a while until he heard "for further improvement of the hardware and software of the supercomputer the ai module has requested merging with a soul, soul located beginning soul merging, soul merging complete beginning integration, entergration complete Jack:" what is going on" Sc.ai:" for further improvement of the self improving computer a sentient soul was required" ((ps this is my first novel and basically a shit post with no plot so don't expect 1. gramar and punctuation 2. Consistant plot 3. Common sense So I hope you enjoy reading it))

jack_the1stshark · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings