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Mate to a Dragon

"A human.." he mused, scanning every feature of my face, craving them into a memory. "Jisoo." He breathed my name, making me resist the urge to shiver.  I raised my eyebrows at the undeniably handsome man in front of me and crossed my arms, then shook my head, "I was supposed to make 10 million today!" I whined at the lost of my company. "Humans and their greed!" He grunted, walking away. *** Jisoo Kwon (27), a strong independent woman who was the CEO and founder of her company, lived her life confidently as she expanded her company...her empire. Little did she know her life would take an unexpected turn, forcing her to runaway from home...from the company she built with her every breath, only to run into a creature, one that was believed to be mythological at that.  While she always fancied dragons, treasuring them as her favourite mythology creature -like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon- she never imagined actually meeting one, let alone one to be her mate.  But there's no way that's possible, right?  However, she's proved wrong, by her mate nonetheless.  Tristen Slade is a determined, yet surprisingly kind dragon prince-- but only to his kind. He was always harsh towards humans, it was their every existence that forced dragons to run and hide within the shadows and caves...the once powerful and majestic creatures, now long forgotten.  His only mission was to find the Heart of Magic, a gem that would return his kind to their original glory, but when a certain little human practically runs into his arms scared, terrified and lost, he's brought into something anew...and beautiful. Will this forbidden toxic love save both kinds? Or will it destroy them both? After all, it was one impossible love..

Shalini_Zhara · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Duh's new normal

Duh is living through her daily life, it's simple and not very exciting. And then, out of nowhere her dead grandmother visits her.. well, it gets complicated later..

HaruClarus · Teen
Not enough ratings