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Virtual Love

Virtual Love

In the year 2200, the world that was once crafted by creative minds was now just fingertips away. With just one click, everything you want will be in your grasp with just a blink. It was the world that was once dreamt of by the people but now its the reality. Everything is at its best. Every move by the people involves technology. And most of their works were done by Artificial Intelligence, they were smarter than humans. And the massive productions of A.I. made a huge difference to the world and made the word "employment" a history and they began to think that being a human is a handicap. And because of genetic modification, some humans began to get mad and insane; they've experimented with their body, conducted various tests to defy the laws of humans. They halted the natural aging process, attaches their bodies with robotic types. And now even mortality is a thing they wanted to expunged. And living with a great mind means fortune. This era is what they called the Future beyond the future. It was the era of the Programmers and Engineers and even doctors.

Geksxx · Fantasy Romance
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