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The Actor Extraordinaire

ENGLISH TRANSLATION Updates: regularly Status In COO: 83 Chapters (Completed) Author: 漫漫何其多, Man Man He Qi Duo Summary: "Fresh meat" Jiang Chi - to get closer to his unrequited love, an actor extraordinaire - did everything to join Ye Lan's filming project, even if it meant he would not get paid. Note: 影帝, literally means "movie king". Used for famous and accomplished actors. The actress equivalent is 影后, meaning "movie queen". 小鲜肉, literally means "young, fresh meat". Used for young, rising actors with good looks (who often star in more commercial-oriented films.) The actress equivalent is 小花, meaning "fresh flower" Notes: I am not a native Chinese speaker so if there's any mistakes pls excuse me. Hope u enjoy!! Unauthorized non-commercial translation

Nctae_25 · LGBT+
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