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Gauntlet of Elyskia

With three moons and a red sun, Elyskia is the home to dragons and Elyskians who have been blessed with the gift to bond with them in a means of peace.  But that doesn't go to say that everyone has peace in mind. On the surface, the media pictures the rebellion as the evil, but what if underneath that surface, it's the very man they place their trust in? The past Kings of Elyskia created a dragon battle tournament, Gauntlet of Elyskia, where anyone around the world can participate in, fully expecting serious injuries and even death. In the end, those who survive are now seen as capable to defend the people. Phoenix is the son of a missing Legendary Celestial Knight Rider, and at first he joins the Gauntlet of Elyskia to find his father. However he soon learns there's a lot more behind the scenes, and if Elyskia is going to survive, then he has to step up. *** THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT

jessthevoid · Fantasy
Not enough ratings