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Tingling Asmr Gaming Parody - MYSTORY Nr18

Tingling Asmr Gaming Parody - MYSTORY Nr18 Gaming Asmr Video But Funny And Weird Hello World, Hello Viewers! The Asmr cult has gotten another worthy member. I decided to record a video to give you the best electric tingles that you can imagine. https://bit.ly/MYSTORY-PLAYLIST https://bit.ly/MYSTORY-LABEL #asmr, #gaming, #video #parody, #online, #tingles, #clips #new, #audio _______________ Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response _______________ I Can Not Have Tingles So I Give You Some 0:00 - ASMR Hello World! Because I have to cringe I cannot have tingles when getting exposed to serious doses of Asmr. This destiny brought me to the conclusion that I only have one chance! I must Asmr you my viewers, please stay subscribed… 1:00 - TRIGGERS I wanted to play some games but it was night so I wanted to do something that I wanted to do since last week. I whistled in my microphone with the expectation of triggering the best premium tingles that someone can have. 10:00 - TINGLES The best outcome for this post would be if someone who is susceptible to Asmr gets their tingles and if everyone else if fairly entertained by my non-existing competence. I hope you get relaxed if possible. 20:00 - GAMES In the end I tried to combine the free online game Destiny2, CounterstrikeGo and some Doom2016 gameplay for the perfect mix. I need more attention. 25:00 - VIDEO I also used my classic tinfoil hat to protect myself from the mind control rays that are sent to us from the Vega galaxy. This is Sparta! 30:00 - NEW This is a new video and blog post so keep asmr and be cool! Or not if you want. Yours Sincerely, ATMODEPTH X - About Section This is a compact list of my links and other stuff! All My Stuff: Featured Equipment, Games, Clothing (give me your money) https://atmodepth.blogspot.com/p/products.html All My Merch: Exclusive Unique Merch (give me more of your money) https://atmodepth.blogspot.com/p/merch.html Signature: ATMODEPTH gaming, fun, creative http://bit.ly/FOLLOW-SOCIAL https://bit.ly/CHANNEL-PLAYLIST https://bit.ly/BLOG-LABEL

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