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Universal Skynet: Rise of the Legendary Human

Universal Skynet: Rise of the Legendary Human

Humanity has already become a galactic civilization, crossing the threshold that keeps all semi-intelligent beings at bay. At this level, something mysterious controls the bigger authorities of the universe making it a stable place to stay for the lower beings. A virtual world, is assigned for all of the galactic civilizations to fight and compete. It is a gaming world, where bloodshed is common and conflicts cannot be avoided. A world, which is the only way, to obtain the share of resources for the civilizations to develop further. Will humanity rise from the bottom lines of the galactic civilizations, to achieve something even greater? The answer seemed pretty convincing, being a ‘No’, but it had suddenly turned hazy, just due to him. The lifelong work of a maniac scientist, a child, his child. Carrying a great secret, will he become the wings for humanity? From the author: The novel contains gore, curses and sexual content, so readers below 16 shouldn’t read. Previous knowledge about VRMMORPG recommended for the readers. Please support by posting reviews and commenting. The novel may seem a bit different from other novels, of the same genre or most genres. I have made it in a such a way, to display it in a unique way, compared to others novels. "I wish to make the story interesting, and not just the start."

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