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Love or Lust

Mature Story (21+) Perselingkuhan yang membuat nyaman. “Aku menginginkannya sekarang, boleh nggak?” bisik Liam di telinga Soraya saat kedua tangan kekar itu melingkari perut langsing wanita itu. “Kecuali malam ini kamu nginap di sini. Akan aku layani kamu sampai puas!” balas Sorsya berdesis, membuat Liam semakin memanas. Persis seperti kata orang, jika pria lebih menyukai sebuah tindakan, nafsu yang terbangun dari pengakuan, kontak fisik dan terlihat nyata. Sedangkan wanita lebih menyukai sentuhan, sebuah kata-kata yang terucap, kegombalan hingga rayuan telinga. Maka tidak heran, jika kaum lelaku selalu di katakan sebagai pelaku sedangkan wanita sebagai korban. Namun, apa benar itu nafsu? Bukan cinta? Please follow akun Instagramku @bossytika

BossyTika · Romansa Kontemporer
Not enough ratings

Amorous Devotion For His Mature Lady

Many say love is a fleeting emotion. But to them, love is an amorous devotion. Equally dominant mature woman and younger man. … Cassandra Qin, a woman of grace and feminine perfection. Well-known as a charismatic and regal chairwoman, a prime woman in her late thirties whom a lot could only worship in their most beautiful dream. Deemed as a gorgeous woman who has it all; exquisite beauty, wealth, success and beautiful daughter. She is respected and admired by all, yet unbeknownst to them, the very same woman they could only look up to has to nurse her wound in silence and darkness of night when no one is around. A woman whose heart is encased frozen to any heat of intimacy is what she believed she is, or so she thought until she bed him, her sweetest mistake. A wet dream dressed in a hot suit. The finest womanizer. The man whose presence set her desire aflame and whose touch burns her body ablaze. Crown heir of the darkest household, him who bound by his devious vow. He is the man she should have distanced herself from, yet the maddening temptation is just as irresistible as his daunting smile. This is a story about them, a dignified mature woman and her irresistible younger lover, them who get very lost in their passionate yet ultimately loveless affair, amidst of menacing dangers, neither are able to fall for the other. However, what's more if the second woman is her own dearest one? ... Sensuous fingertips trace down the lines of masculine perfection and up rippling pectorals. Hot and wet tongues lock together as silken thighs straddle gyratingly in a sinuous motion. Inhalations whisper of passion and desire. The breaths catch while fingers orchestrate an exhaled symphony of moans. "Please me." The lady demanded upon his neck biting his skin as she topped him down against the velvet sheets. "My pleasure." The man rasped, swallowing down, as he caressed the silhouette of smooth, contrasting thighs. "Anything for you milady." . . . Ds. Dirty romance with touch of drama. Told from female and male viewpoints. Crappy writing and slow update.

BlaccLotus · Contemporary Romance