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Shadows and Light

Shadows and Light

If you're here for a romance novel, this isn't going to be one. The main lead is a female, that's all. The main characters are loosely based off of me and my friends. The world has barely recovered from the disaster of the volcanoes, even after a century. To an average citizen, Sans Nom Mountain City is a relatively peaceful place, even with the annual gang fights. But deep below the surface, trouble is stirring, and it may not be long before the entire country is thrown into war. Well, that's grim dramaticness I suppose. Anyway, two things. One, I hope you enjoy the story. Two, I'm sorry about how sporadic the updates will be. While pieces of the early "chapters" were already written, most isn't. The original writing never made it to the end of the first chapter, much less to the end of the book. I'm also really bad with names and titles, so please bear with me on this. I didn't like the pink cover the system automatically gives, so I decided to make a temporary cover from one of my drawings. You can find the original one my DeviantArt account: NarwhalSyrena

Narwhal_Syrena · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings
Regia I
In Your Eyes

Regia I In Your Eyes

Life on Estia is a beautiful place. The government places their citizens to the highest of attention. Estia is the path to a future world, but what no one could have expected, was the return of the comets and the secrets hidden in history. You can read the original webcomic version on webtoons.com on the discovery page under the title Zarqa and Hara. I'm a little too busy right now, but I'm going to renew the series as Regia I In Your Eyes later on.

Azora_Angelina · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings