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A Furry hater reincarnates to another world as a beast.

A Furry hater reincarnates to another world as a beast.

Haruki, a 28-years old adult that works in a normal advertising company. As a child, he loved anime and animals, but the idea of conjoining the two? Not so much. At first, he found it funny, but then, when internet sexualizing everything, He found out that most furries were just hiding the fact they love beastiality. Disgusted and traumatized by that thought, he harbored great disgust against furries. One day, he got run over by a truck and got reincarnated into another world as a beast! Now what will our Haruki do in another world as he became the target of the very beings that he hates?

Senpaipuku · Fantasy
The Kit and The Stray

The Kit and The Stray

Ruth may be young, but she's the best thief in Eimhàar. Abandoned, rejected and ostracized, the sharp tiefling lives solely to spite those who wronged her, and hopefully become the new crimelord of the city. One winter night, she finds a small child in the snow. It's not the first, and is far from being the last urchin she'll see dying in the streets. But this time, she finds herself unable to walk away. Author: Hi! This is my first serious story. I take my writing quite seriously, and all forms of advice or criticism are very welcome. I'm afraid I won't be able to update on a regular basis, or finish the story in a timely fashion. But I really hope you, dear reader, will enjoy it all the same. #NoBetaReadersWeDieLikeMen

Badger_Nerd · Fantasy Romance
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