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Reaching the Brightest Star

Reaching the Brightest Star

A relationship sometimes make you choose. It's either your love or your passion. It's either your man or your career. But despite of that, relationship gives you happiness, hope and contentment. A memories of the past keeps on rolling inside Chloe's head. The Philippines where she lives brings all her memories, especially when it comes to Marco Gomez. How she was always longing for him. She leaves the Philippines for her dreams. She leaves him without saying proper goodbye. Marco on the other hand didn't stop just to find Chloe. He always wanted to know everything about her even if she's far. He did all his best to be where he is now. So that when Chloe returns, he will be able to give his all to her. He didn't see himself as a successful man even after all the achievements and rewards he received. The only thing that will make him successful is when Chloe was wrapped around his arms, happy and in love. Returning home because of the homecoming excites her. But returning home bringing all that memories; happy, sad and painful makes her wants to stay and hide. Because of that reunion, they crossed paths again. Will they still have the same feelings for each other? Will it be the cause for them to start all over again? Or will they have to forget about everything and be a stranger in each other eyes?

MV_Quinones · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings