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Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul

Since the beginning of time, the world has been the slaughtering ground of the Eidolons; mysterious beings from a parallel universe that contaminates the mind of the people to commit deadly sins. In an ambitious struggle to put an end to this evil corruption, warriors with extraordinary abilities; the Gate Guardians relentlessly fight these monsters. One day, Alaric ceases to become a regular high school student - He becomes trapped in the crevice of dimensions and suddenly attacked by an Eidolon. Coming to his rescue just in time is a Gate Guardian named Tiara, his weird new classmate. So now, he is stuck with this clumsy maiden who swore to protect him from these extradimensional monsters! A wacky romance between the two will start to unfold! But unbeknownst to them, a much darker force lurks in the shadows that will lead to Tiara’s brutal murder... This is a song of love. This is a song of hope. This is a song of laughters. This is a song of tears. This is the Song of the Frozen Soul.

ArchlordZero · Fantasy

Archonlight System Genesis

The life of John Casterdyne has recently taken a set of bad turns; he failed his college subjects, he got to spend his vacation attending summer classes, and he got dumped by his girlfriend. With a talentless loser like him driving his own story out of the rails, he got stuck in a suicidal depression. As a matter of fact, this dolt will attempt to drown himself in a small lake! On his way to kill himself, he encountered a wounded woman in a grove that will change everything. Nursing her, John was offered a contract which removes him from his sloppy normal life and has the lucky chance to learn about the world’s mystics, to gain a power that only kings of legendary kingdoms possess: The Archonlight System. He soon learns that the sassy and cold woman he saved is the Princess Alessia Erindel of Agartha, who is now wanted by her own kingdom for allegedly killing her own father. She claims that she was framed, but John believing her wouldn’t change a thing. It would even make his life shittier. This is the genesis of the greatest Archon that ever exists.

ArchlordZero · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings

Welcome to my Domain!

The world knows of a person who's body defys the Law of Physics, intelligence that beats logic and skills that's far superior than impossible. It was said that the calmer and nobler he gets, the nore lethal he becomes. Numerous cases had been publicized wherein his inhuman beauty subdued a person's heart leaving this person helpless. It's a common knowledge that if he decided to target you, you can longer escape his grasp and seduction. It will also be impossible to not let go of your own control over your mind due to his insane seduction skills! Everyone knows him as Park Li Yeon, the one who leads the Entertainment Industry, The Heart Reaper and the Prince of Earth. Park Li Yeon who turns the world into his Domain! ... Author's Note : I'm not a professional writer and only a teenager so except grammatical errors here. English is not my mother tounge but I am currently learning. I don't have a update schedule so be ware.

LazySexyGod · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Are You Happy Now, Genius?

The camera rolled over to the female reporter issuing an emergency report. Reporter: "We are deeply sorry for the program's interruption as we share an important news for citizens to be alert with." The reporter then turned her head to the manager as if awaiting for their approval and the other party nodded in response. Sighing deeply, she paused a few seconds before announcing an alarming news: Reporter: "The police are issuing a warrant of arrest for the newly prioritized criminals in this area. The criminals are suspected to be a couple and they are on the run for they killed several people in the span of an hour. Nonetheless, the police have arranged a full-scale movement in order to catch the suspects on loose. Please be wary of the male suspect with blonde hair, muscular build, blue eyes, long nose, and flashes a bright smile. His partner in crime with her red hair, brown eyes, short nose all in her pale face and a sexy figure... "... For the authorities have confirmed that these criminals are too good at killing conversations.." Follow Keith on his unbridled adventures that will stem as far more exciting and thrilling than the many wuxia novels, system novels, and you-know-it that you have read.

LuaLegion · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings