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The Harem Prevention Corporation

The Harem Prevention Corporation

Long ago a married man got on a bus. He saw a beautiful woman sit next to him. She was clearly into him and he was clearly into her. But there was a problem, the man was married. If his wife found out that he had seen another girl she would kill him. But this did not scare him, you see, he had done this many times before, all he had to do was not get cought. So he started flirting and within minutes he asked her if she wanted to get a drink, she accepted and they got off the bus. Little did the man know that his wife and his kid, Katie, were sitting behind him the entire time. When his wife heard this conversation she made the grave mistake of following them. When she confronted her husband they got into a argument. This argument heated up to the point were the man hit his wife. She quickly hit him back and a all-out fight broke loose. The man eventually took out a knife and stabbed his wife. After she died, he realized what he had done and killed himself. And the whole time, Katie, their daughter, had been watching. She watched her dad kill her mom, then kill himself, all because he was unfaithful. She decided to create an organization that would stop things like this from happening. She created... The Harem Prevention Corporation. --------------------------------- I dont own this idea (more info on that below) or any of the novels mentioned in this novel. (I will come up with a few isseki protagonists myself aswell) -------------------------------- This idea was created by Jin_Morii in a joke comment on "Start by Becoming a Mangaka" and he suggested that it would be cool if someone actually made a novel about it. So I, with his help, am going to write this. -------------------------------- oh yeah, i dont own the cover

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