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Lockdown- By Aron Ash C

This story is not for 12 and under! Mature readers only. As Lockdown contains topics of school shootings, gore, blood, violence, somewhat abusive relations, and some elements of creepypasta. Now for your real synopsis! Typically when your teachers prepare you for school shootings, you just roll your eyes, and continue talking. You never expect them to actually happen. So when they do, it's a surprise. You're never prepared. Especially when one you love holds the gun.

Bee_Cox · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings

Lost Identities

as Jackie slowly realizes who they are, they realize that along with growing up they also need to help a possessed doll pass on. highschool is about to get much harder for them.

kay_rovdog · Horror&Thriller
Not enough ratings

Perditis [Lost Ones]

Klaus has always been running, there was no time to walk or stop for him, he's always been moving, running, passing by opprotunities of friendship and unachiavble goals. Lonliness acompined it with only the bossom of the sea to wash it away late at night. That was the only peace that he knew because come morning, it is war. [Author's Corner] First novel on here, hopefully all goes smoothly and such. I just wanted to pinch in here that the main lead here is trans and so is the co-main lead so any transphobic comments of any kind will be banished and dropped into the sea with the kraken, okay? Okay. Anyway be gay do crimes, young ones. (Also this novel feature google translated latin, sorry about that.)

demian_01 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings