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The Cursed Knight (Blue Triangle Series #1)

Swords, magic, kingdoms, dragons, and more, welcome to the world of Earthos! (The first book will focus on the region of Northrend) This is a story of Arth, a young warrior from Frostwood village whose dream was to become a Divine Knight, the highest rank and most powerful knight in Earthos. He found himself joining the Forgotten Winter, a rebel guild that aims to eliminate the corruption and evil source of Ice Crown Citadel, the kingdom capital of Northrend. On his journey, he found out a shocking truth about his identity. Now, he has to find the Frostcalibur, a legendary cursed blade that was wielded by the kings of the North for thousands of years, to end the corruption and evil in the kingdom once and for all! (Story chapters will be updated daily)

Carlos_Sensei ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings