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Stranded from the past. Is this heaven’s wish for us?

Stranded from the past. Is this heaven’s wish for us?

I was afraid to wish for more wishes, heaven granted us more time when I was slipping away from you back then when you rescued me from the battle field, I'm not afraid of the pain, but I can't tolerate the torment to have you go through the hurt again. We asked for a chance to live the next life differently for us to show our love to all. They listened again as cupid strike and the world witness our story that we made. But as how we have been told, each episode that we live through the century came with a price. We were lost moving on until the day stopped again, the eyes in-front froze as I looked up, a familiar figure which stood staring back on this same slope where we once cherished so much. And as two figures stood there frozen in time... the only movement was that of the snowflakes that falls through in between us that were once showering us with their blessings but now here, it melted like tears from heaven as the two souls stared at each other.... The vision of happy memories where the whisper of "I want to spend every winter here with you" stabs the heart even more as both tried to stay composed under the cold winter sky, stranded from the past. The nightmare of never wanting to bump into the past came crashing.... are we being fooled again? Is it heaven's wish for us so that we will live on or is there more to it.... C 1: The past & the present C 2:Dreams that haunt our misses C 3: Seal my heart please & protect him C 4: The snowflakes that binds us C 5: The wind tells me you are near C 6: Stay this way C 7: When souls unite C 8: From the depth of my heart C 9: The morning after C 10: The knotted fate at the start C11:The lighted path called home C12:When it becomes unbearable C13:The first séparation from the past C 14:The morning coffee filled with love C 15:Let us be bonded from now on C16:True Love that can’t be concealed C17:Through the centuries I still love you C18:Will you stand with me again C19: 258 - Hear My Heart C20: Our Dream Place that opens to the sky above C21: As one we live - need you by my side always C22: Beyond the deal - Our future that sparks from a dream C23: Author’s Closing Note: Dream with Passion, Live with Purpose, Act with Wisdom Updated 1 Sept 2020

NorthStar · Realistic Fiction