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Pioneering Antiquity

Pioneering Antiquity

A young prodigy created by technology in the future: Ace, with his high attainments in the fields of, well, everything. Studied and experimented in the unknown field of alternate dimensions which was said to be completely impossible by the theorists of his time, happened to sort of achieve some good results, that may have been to successful, ‘cause he thought it would be great to test it on himself. Long story short he is transferred to an alternate backward dimension or universe that is still in the dark ages which to him is thousands of years in the past. In this novel there will be kingdom-building, comedy, business, technology, Academies, love, and war, along with some very heated political intrigue and attempts of assassination. Watch how Ace with his knowledge of the future push this backwards alternate universe into the new realms of science, mathematics, war, and some economical ideas never before seen or heard of, with his knowledge he can (and I mean literally) change the world.

Michael_Foddrill · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings