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Love Like Peach Blossom

Love Like Peach Blossom

Maria is a young girl living in America since she is six years old . She has a family but still lives like orphan. She thought that her step dad hates her that's why he separated her from her mother. She thought her step sister and step brother will be like a villain found in wuxia novel but she never thought it is just a beautiful misunderstanding. Once she comes back she found a beautiful is girl is always trying to stick closely with her and an annoyingly handsome guy is always protecting her from all kind of danger. She thought that the boys has a crush on her and a girl wants to be her friend so they wants to help her. But later she finds that they were her step sister and brother who wanted to have her as a younger sister . From that moment she led a beautiful life. Both of them pampered her like a princess . And then she met her prince charming and led a peaceful life with him . This is a cute and sweet story of love friendship and conflict between friends. So come and join the wonderful journey with Maria and enjoy the essence of life.

Coolruhi · Contemporary Romance
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