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Loving Bezzie ( Tagalog Edition)

Loving Bezzie ( Tagalog Edition)

This the Tagalog edition, but I'm starting to post the English editiion. TEASER: Between two people of different genders, which is more important, love or friendship? Some would say that friendship is more important, for others, it is love. But if you were to be in that situation, which would you choose? Tough, isn't it? Is it possible to have both? Find out how a simple working student faced that situation. A young lady named Cissie was casted away, a young rich handsome transferee named Jay welcomed her at their home. They became best of friends. However, because of his kindness to her, she fell in love with her best friend. The thing is, the feeling is not mutual. Would she sacrifice her feelings or would she gamble on it and continue to love even though she knows that it's going nowhere? How would she face the people surrounding her which keep prostrating her? Would that time come wherein she and her best friend is not just friends but lovers? Please show some love on my Facebook page. https://facebook.com/mynativewife Book cover: Credits to Natasha Fernandez on Pexels

AZKHA · Teen
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