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REBIRTH: Reconnect

Qin Qianyu, a 28 year old talented biochemist gave up a lot of things for love. She had it all, fame, money, godly looks, you name it she had it. Even the things she didn’t want she got, like betrayal, loss of her entire family, riches, love and eventually her life. However, after being schemed against and murdered, Qin Qianyu is able to live life again when she’s transported back 13 years to the tender age of 15. Armed with knowledge, skills, and events of the future, Qin Qianyu sets out to change her fate, to take hold of her own destiny, get revenge on those that had taken her life and reconnect with all the people from her former life she had previously cast aside in the name of love. I write mainly on my phone during breaks at work or spare time so at the moment updates will more likely than not, be a little sporadic.

Ravageneric · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Unwanted Toy

All My Life I've Done What My Step-Mother Wanted, Do Chores Although We Had Maids, With My Step Siblings Doing Nothing So Frustrating Right..Parties Or Maybe Move Nights Or All The Teen Outdoor Activities I Never Experienced them Only Heard Of Them As I Am Always Grounded, A Boyfriend? Not Even In A Dream.. I Put Up With All This Hoping To End After I Graduate From College And Look For A Job But Was I Kidding Luck Wasn't On My Side As I Was Given The Responsibility To Make More Money For My Family I Became My Families Company CEO Guess That Wasn't A Great Choice For My Step Mother But The Best For Me As I Started To See Life For What It Is.

AndrewBlomme · Contemporary Romance

Violet Eyes

Centuries after the destruction of the earth and the new civilization on Mars also known as Slupton was born. The Government that governed humans and horns who lived on Slupton were now facing a new threat, the same one that destroyed earth. A God had risen. Viana Packston has unnatural eyes that harbor a demon. The demon basically possessed her at a young age, and it eats at people's hate, fears, sadness, and darkest desires. After being saved by the government safety force from the laboratory that had solituded her and did torturing experiments on her. She joined forces with the Government Safety Force(GSF) to help save the planet and to exorcise the demon that lived deep within her. Sit down and let's venture into this action-packed, romantic, emotional, and unpredictable story. WARNING (TW) This series may include the following. Gore (Detailed) Death Smoking Murder Language Abuse

Queen_Legend · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings