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My love story by Abhishek Malhotra

Abhishek is a famous actor in India and is known for his sincerity at work place. He is a cold, mysterious and oof person. His first love is Shriya Sheren, who is an orphan. He follows her for almost three years , without her knolwedge. But he comes in front of her one day, seeing him she asks him "Aren't you the famous Actor Abhishek Malhotra, Are you the one who wants to spend the night with me." Next morning Abhishek offered her coffee with a smile on his face and said " Last night you promised me that you will let me take care of you." Will she accept his proposal to stay with him. What happens if she decides to stay with him and what are her reasons to become a mistress all of a sudden.. How Abhi is going to be make her his women and what happens when he decided to stay with her for a long time. Will she be able to manage his high profile status and become worthy to be his girlfriend. How does her life change after she met that dream man of all the girls in the entire country. Thought: "What you have left with is more important than what you have lost".

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