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Why should I marry someone?

Why should I marry someone?

Juwan is a girl at her twenties who has no belief in love nor men. She is someone who wants to be extra independent as well as self - reliable. She believes that married life is a burden that prohibits freedom and enthusiasm even though she enjoys romance fiction, series and films etc. Also she is not interested to live with the same person throughout her life as she thinks it as boring because after a certain period every romantic relationship loses its excitement. Om is a young man from a large Cinema family. His father is a renowned actor in the Indian film industry. He is also a rising star due to high backup from his family. He is simple and shy and wishes to lead a humble life. He once had the essence of true love and lost it. So he is under a very deep impression of depression. He can no more love anyone because he is still struggling with the memories of his ex. These two somehow gets married for some other reason without liking for each other . And there starts the real turnover in both of their lives. At the beginning both tends to cooperate as roommates even though they hate each other. But later on they understands each other's views and the story goes on..........

tabal · Romance
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