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Derida’s chosen hearts

Derida’s chosen hearts

Disclaimer: this idea is based off of Kiera Cass's Selection Series. But these characters belong to me. At the certain age of 18 a prince must choose a bride out of a handful of women, or he will lose his birthright to the Thorne. So in order to maintain his birthright and change the history of his kingdom, "Deirda", Jaison decides to participate in this Selection with no intention of falling in love. That is until he met a girl who reminds him that it's ok to feel. Aala seems like trouble for this prince's strategy. Aala also appears to be having some troubles of her own. Will she put out a new blossoming flame?? Can Prince Jaison make it through the Selection without falling in love or will he be introducing a new fiancé to his Kingdom? Also warning every name in this story has an important meaning so maybe you'll figure out hints of what might happen. Also the first chapter is Jaison’s pov but the rest of the story will be told through Aala’s pov Please do not use, claim, or edit my work as your own. If you would like to edit please reach out to me first. I have worked hard on this novel for a long time. A huge thank you to those of you who have, had, or are reading this story right now.

Creative_Rose27 · Fantasy Romance
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