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His Undesirable Wife

Lady Saya Bradford, A beautiful, eighteen year old girl with the kindest disposition one could imagine in a person of noble blood- except she wasn't a noble by birth. Adopted by the great Lord Bradford at the age of five, from the exotic land of 'Hindustan', she was every bit as unique as her name suggested. __________________________________ Lord Zachary Hayworth, A dazzlingly handsome, twenty-four year old knight and the Lord of the Hayworth Estate. He is a righteous man who values his family above everything else. He is every bit a just Lord as he is a fierce warrior. __________________________________ Hearts are broken and emotions are trampled when Lord Hayworth is asked by King Henry to marry the only daughter of Lord Bradford; and who could deny the King? With no intention of marrying anyone, let alone a girl who couldn't be more different from the wife he would have desired, Lord Hayworth turns indifferent. __________________________________ Saya thinks she finally has a chance to live with the one person who would love her for who she is and is looking forward to her new life as the wife of the famed Lord Hayworth. However, her world is soon left asunder when the reality of her situation, as his undesirable wife, sinks in...

MeeraMiller ยท Historical Romance
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