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After entertwining his self with a mortal human, Red, a mower of the dead, had his life changed forever. Following in time, he realizes she can see and detect souls and other entities, which is why Red was able to see and notice her more often. He tried to convince his self that he doesn't care for her, but genuine feelings showed after other otherworldly beings started to come for her. He battles them, and the lingering feelings of love and concern inside him. He can't love her, he always reminds himself. Though denying it would crush him every time. After all, she's a mortal, and he isn't... Oh time sure flies when you're in love... ... NOTE: Chapters or Episodes will get longer and longer the more you read. Old chapters are merged together as one chapter, but I did not delete any content. ... Thank you to mom and dad who never fails to support my dream. I love you. BOOK STARTED: Dec. 22, 2020 BOOK ENDED: ???

tigerpaws · Fantasy


The unimaginable happened. Ken woke up to a world in great shambles, a world where mindless creatures wander about. More so, he also discovered that higher beings can communicate with him through dreams. How will he survive this apocalyptic world? And just how many would trust and believe him? Would this seemingly Last days of the world really be the last? NOTE: Epic/Poem form ... Other works by The author: REAPER'S BALLAD-fantasy romance novel That deals with tragedy, acceptance, romance and more (Will soon be adapted to comics)

tigerpaws · Horror&Thriller