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Yara and Mahzun, identical twins, would do anything for each other. They love travelling the world and they will never do it without each other. Time Enjoyed Wasted Is Not Wasted Time. So, read the book to know about their adventures and love for each other. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey Yara, I hope you're doing fine. What am I even writing? Anyways, I hope you find this letter. I'm writing this today on October 8th 2022, the day that I decided that I'm going to take my life. I'm sorry Yara. I'm sorry for everything, I'm sorry for doing this to you, for dying before I know the gender of your baby. I know that you will die, with grieve or you will try to take your own life just like I'm about to do. But please, listen to me, read this letter carefully. Do not do that. You should live, you should not do something stupid like me. You should think about Adam and your child. You should learn to live your life without me. Please Yara, don't waste your life after me, forget me and move on. I've never told you this before but I love you. I love you with all my heart. I love you more than my own life. I love you more than anything. So please, don't do what you're about to do, don't die. I don't know if you've found this before you do something, but I really hope that I'm not late to save your life. Don't do this to yourself, to Adam, your baby. Just know this. I love you and if you do something like this then you're not just gonna kill yourself, you'll kill Adam, the child, and you're gonna kill me again. And if you really love me, then you'll live and love life, You'll get used to the idea of life without me. And just one last thing, Do tell that little baby of your's that I love it too, just like I love you. Bye." Started writing on 6-6-20

machughtai · Teen
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