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Race Red

Race Red

"Could there be a love so selfish, one can grow mad?" Jovanne Rey was a secret racer who stopped racing because of an unknown stalker who'd always claim her as his. She never met him even once, even her memories five years ago was gone. She was bullied in her school, but she doesn't cry or blink when her bullies try to mess with her. A group of guys suddenly transferred to her school after getting drunk in a race. Who do you think was her stalker? And why does it feel like she knows the guys? [Filipino] This is already a completed story, you can read this at Dreame App. Title: Race Red by axisixas. Thanks.

axisixas · Teen
The Reincarnated Quintuplets!

The Reincarnated Quintuplets!

To end a war in another world the gods reincarnate five strangers each with a different skill set. The five will become the saviors of this world but first they need to survive until it’s time for them to save the world and maybe help this world come into a new age. Follow these five in their crazy adventure from birth!

Life_is_Dead · Fantasy
Not enough ratings