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After surviving an accident which took the life of her parents, Elizabeth underwent a lot of pain. She sustained a lot of physical injuries but none of it could compare to the pain she felt in her heart. She had lost not one, but both parents on the same day. She became a shadow of herself and slowly withdrew from society. She talked less and cried more. On the other hand was Chase Collins, A nineteen year old boy who's heart was filled with love for those around him. He had a simple and peaceful life, Caring parents, good siblings. What happens when their paths cross and Chase wants so hard to discover the mysterious beauty and what she was hiding from. Will she loosen up a bit and allow Chase to help her or Nah? [ON HOLD] will start updating in a few months time cause something came up. But do add it to your library so as to be aware as soon as I start updating. Thanks

Ayo_bamii · Teen
Not enough ratings

Sacrifice I

Two siblings move to Salem, their childhood city after they were taken from foster care. Meet Caroline, an energetic sixteen year old girl who loves wolves. Meet Raphael, an average fourteen year old who loves video games and memes. They've always have II by their last name but then their ancestors pay a visit. Raphael falls mysteriously ill without a cure leaving Caroline to find out a cure.

imissy0us0much · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Sacrifice II

Caroline and Raphael are going back to school but something strange happens to Raphael again... But not only Raphael but the "weird girl" too.

imissy0us0much · Fantasy
Not enough ratings